I want to build a "A" frame to hold a 1 ton (2000lbs) trolley and a hoist
to lift things with. I have the trolley and hoist now I need to build the "A" Frame. I was thinking of using a 8"x18 I beam 20 feet long and was thinking of making it 15 feet tall. with one A frame on a 6' wide axle with
15"trailer wheels on it. and swivel wheels on the other A frame so I can steer & turn it.
I need big car wheels on it so I can roll it across the yard. I dont have a shop to put it in.
do any of you have any pictures of "A" Frames or prints that you have made or know of as to help me decide on how I am going to make this
I have looked at Granity cranes but have not found what I am looking for.
any help would be apreciated
Thanks in advance