Hi all
I'm just wondering how welders are classed in the US
here in Australia we have 4 main classes

welder 1st class = going to tech collage to learn full trade qualifications and skills
welder 2nd class = no tech collage
welder bodybuilder=same as 1st class but more body building than welding
boilermaker=same as 1st class with alot more marking out and boiler skill's
but here Australia most welders and boilmakers are in the class I have worked under both classes

I'm a welder 1st class and bodybuilder I work in the transport repair game have done for nearly 20 yrs been welding for 27 years
I do truck and trailer smash repairs (big rigs) in steel and aluminum and stainless
with MIG TIG and Stick ,pessure welding ,pipe work,chassis repairs and mod's I have also done a few years of Structural Steelwork that had to be xrayed before being sent to site
only reason I'm asking reading things on here there seems to so many different classes of welders there in the states

if i had to pick what I worked with all day long aluminum would win over steel all the time aluminum gives you only one chance to get it right 99 per cent of the time and i find it more rewarding building something out of aluminum a smashed up steel trailer anyone can fix but a aluminum trailer smashed up is a different game