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i wish it were that easy!

knob 4 is inactive in tig mode.. its only used for stick welder mode..


Wrong it is not, that is why there is a break down below the knob of how many amps you are running at each number. If you set it to 100 amps on dc when you floor the pedal to max you will get 100 amps but at half pedal it should be about 50 and so on. So if knob 4 is turned all the way up you are getting the least amount of control.

Next thing you did not say what tungsten you are using, what gas you are using. So lets start there.

With Sch 10 stainless I would set my amp knob at 70-80%, gas flow at 20CFH, us 3/32 red tungsten sharpened to a point. Is this what you are doing?

One other thing did you make sure you have gas coming out of the end of the torch?

but why does the manual says

4. Amperage Control

This control does not work in GRAW (TIG) mode. Use control for Stick when Weld Process switch is in stick position
i dont know.. this is confusing.. it even has the stick welding mode icon right under the knob.. eitherway there was no difference when i changed the knob weather i set it to 0 or 100..