hello all!

i recently bought a used miller econotig.. and there is no amperage control at all via the foot pedal or hand control...

i have the weld process switch set to gtaw... and the range/polarity switch set to dcen..

i have a foot pedal as well as a hand control.. and neither of them are allowing me to change amperage.. they are more like an on/off switch.. weather i press the foot pedal a little or all the way it puts out the same (what i assume to be) 100% output

the same goes for the hand control..

basically the metal is over heating.. and glowing red hot.. with the arc jumping all over the place and burning holes through the material.. (from what i assume to be too much amperage)

my welding scd10 ss pipe..

this is my first time welding.. but i know im supposed to have control over the amperage.. not just an on off switch..

local welding supply store wants 70 bucks just to look at the welder..

online manual says to clean out the inside of the welder.. i may try this in a little bit.. but from what i see online this is a common problem with econotigs..



^^ this guy apparently fixed his problem..

im trying to contact the person i bought it from but i doubt ill get any help from him..