I took exception with your comment about the Hobart's being "all" plastic. I do not own a HH210 nor have I welded with one, however, I do own a HH187 and the case is metal, the door is metal, the drive rollers are metal, and on and on. The front of the machine is a high impact plastic (similar to the dashboard on your car, I suspect) but it is in no way "cheaply made".

If you have not welded with a Hobart machine (187,210) I would suggest that you reserve judgement on their capabilities. I have both a Miller and a Hobart mig, and as I stated previously, within it's capabilities, I prefer the Hobart over the Miller.

A resident expert on Mig's (mig welds daily, photos of his work are posted) is a poster named Dan on the Hobart boards. Read his evaluations on the HH187 and the MM180. You'll find that he ranks the HH187 tops in the 180A mig range.

Sorry you don't like plastic. That's your choice. I guess you wouldn't like the Miller MM251 either since the front panel is molded plastic, just as the Hobart.

I also think it an unfair assessment to call the Hobart a hobby machine and the Miller a professional machine. Check out the warranty for both. Interestingly, both (HH187, MM180) both use the M10 gun, which is the most abused piece of equipment on any mig machine.

Just my .02.