Ok long story short. My old man and I were pulling the engine on my boat when it was nice last weekend. We used the bucket loader. Had the engine out in about 45 min. I used my cradle assembly that I made which makes it easy to pull it out without taking the blower off. It also acts as a roll bar..hehe(I laugh now). Well we get the blown big block chevy on the engine stand which is way to top heavy to start with. I wanted to shore up the front of the sagging engine and put a block of wood under it. So my old man got a jack and starting jacking the front of the engine up, well once the weight got off of it, it rolled over on the engine stand and I got out of the way just in time. The cradle hit the ground acting as a roll bar. If it was not there I would have had a broken blower and smashed bugcatcher.

The next thing I did was clean my shorts and made an engine stand brace.

Here is the cradle I made that saved the engine and I think my arm.

Here is the engine stand brace that bolts to the stringer mounts.