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Thread: millermatic 210

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    Default millermatic 210

    I have a millermatic 210 that I would like to sell. It has the dual cylinder rack and the spoolmate gun. I have someone interested in buying it does anyone have a rough idea how much to ask for it? It is in real good shape and never had one problem with it.


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    Short answer, somewhere between $500 and $1500.

    Long answer. Assuming the unit is very clean, just a little bit of spatter or damage to the paint (i.e. its still bright blue - with a mostly smooth, shiny black front), I suspect the unit itself is worth $900 or so. Add $100 for dual cylinders and $250 for spoolgun (addons, assuming good condition, seem to go for about 1/2 of new). You might be able to do a bit better if you separated the spoolgun. Decent regulators (Victor?) help. Looks help alot. A clean machine looks like it hasn't been abused.


    If the machine looks black, like you pulled it out of a coal mine, be thankful for the $500. I saw a 250 that was covered in mill scale. The guy wanted $500 and was having trouble at that price. I could only image what the insides looked like.

    To get the $1500, through in the bottles and or let him weld with it. If he's used to a cheap flux core machine, you will have him sold.
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    I bought one a year or so back. It included the two bottle cart and a 250cf bottle. No spoolgun, but it was in pristine condition and I knew the history of the machine. $1000

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    In wi i've seen 3 millermatic 210's in the last 2months go for $1000-$1100. They sold in one day each of them. I sold my 5yr old dvi 1month ago for $1000. I was asking $950 and had 6ppl call about it and a guy came from 125miles away and gave me $50 dollars more than i was asking. MY dvi also sold in one day. All these machines where just the welders, no spool guns. I would say if its clean you should be able to get $1300 easy.

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    Default How old is it?

    How old is it? I'm interested!

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    I would guess it to be 5 years old + or - a year. Not real sure.
    AEAD 200LE
    Millermatic 250
    Syncrowave 180 SD
    Spectrum 625

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