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    Bullet280 thats a awesome Smoker! GREAT JOB!
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    Here is my Junk.....Isn't very pretty, but cooks like a champ. I even set it up as a propane grill too.
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    hi there, kudo's on Learning to weld as a "seasoned" person. I have a stainless pit on the back of my rig that I fabbed out of a piece of 8" stainless. It is one piece of pipe made with "bullplugged" ends. any welders bible will have the correct way to lay out and weld up this particular procedure. You will need one and a half times the length of pipe you desire for the size of the pit as the half length will provide the pieces for the "plugs". other than the desired size pie all you will need is some hinge material and some bar grating to hold coals and provide a cooking surface above that. also some smaller dia pipe for an exhuast stack, maybe an ash tray under and some thing to cover the stack and regulate draft through the chimney. If you want to send me your mail addy I'll try to download some pics and send to you of a 12" stainless one I've built.(same principal, different size pipe).

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    Default Rig BBQ Pit

    Here's a picture or two of my Barbque.. Take your time and make it count, and by all means remember..! Your not done until your say it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1428turbo View Post
    Bullet280 thats a awesome Smoker! GREAT JOB!

    Thanks turbo.....I really had fun building it! Getting ready to start another one for a freind.

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    Here's one I built last year out of old propane tanks.

    Just because you have one, doesn't mean you have to act like one.

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    Smile Fyi . . .

    Just wanted to let everyone know, I have received some info and pictures from people on this site as well as others . . . If anyone has anything to add, I would sure appreciate it . . .

    I will compile everything I have and make it available to anyone wanting to build "The smallest, hardest working grill every conceived . . .

    The pipeliner's BBQ was the "calling card" of a rig welder . . .

    Thanks in advance,
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    Wink Never too old

    I've been welding and fabricating for over 25yrs. Guess what? I just got my dream toy. A Fender Stratocaster. I CAN NOT play, but I'm **** SURE gonna try. You are never too old till you'r dead. Keep practicing!

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