Mainly from pipe weldors, and stick weldors.. I've been working on a weld cert pretty hardcore for the last month and i just can't seem to gain consistency on my 7018 caps. My instructor and i keep tweaking things, but nothing has stuck yet. Here is the basics on the cert procedure.

1) Coupon is NPS 2" XXS 0.436"wall A106 (seamless) pipe
2)Joint Configuration is a Single Vee Groove, with no backing or retainers. 35degree bevel +/- 5 degrees.
3)6G fixed position coupon maintained with out rotating or moving stand
4)Uphill progression on all vertical portions
5)Root gap is 1/8" with a 1/8" landface
6)Root pass done with E6010 1/8" with a max root penetration on flush to 1/8" and both walls broken down.
7)Balance of test is E7018 3/32" rod
8)"Stringer beads required for root pas, susequent passes may be weave or stringers"
9)Initial and interpass cleaning with a power brush or grinder is allowed.
10)Cap must be left in "As welded condition", can clean with power or hand brush tho
11)O/D reinforcement is flush to 3/16" max.

My root is generally pretty good, it will get a little heavy on me at the top. I usually fill with 2 weave passes of 7018 3/32" with the first weave at 80A and the second weave at 85A. Then i will run two hot stringers(90A) to get me to just below flush with the shoulders, and then i run a 3-stringer cap at 95A. I run the stringers with a drag and very little movement, especially at that heat. Not that it matters but i'm using a Miller XMT 304 CC/CV with a Miller RCH 14 remote.

pics in next post