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    Default Dynasty pulse & sheetmetal joint

    For a commissioned art piece, im wanting to join together the thin sheetmetal of three 70's-80's chevy truck hoods to create a large single surface. Each piece will be approx 48x35 for a total size of 48"x105"

    Im not going to be filling in and painting this when im done so MIG, grind & bondo ETC are out of the question.

    The seam will be visible when finished and contribute to the industrial look of the piece. The factory paint color will remain in tact, scuffed and clear coated. The seam needs to be small and precision.

    I've got a couple of test pieces prepared and photographed below for you to see. And after reading about TIG machines, it looks like the Dynasty 200 DX's pulse feature could TIG this together and put less heat into the work.

    Are there any experienced Dynasty operators that could give me an idea of how well that machine and feature would work on joining this metal and not warp it all to ****.

    Thanks for any input.


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