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    Default Aluminum Dump in Australia as Compared to US

    Hi All I was reading wheels post with a lot of interest as I'm also rebuilding a aluminum tipper (dump)at work and was interested in how different they are there in the states as to here and also I though its cool 2 people here on different sides of the world were doing the same sort of thing at the same time
    we dont have as many xmembers in our aluminum tippers at most theres 2 one just behind the hosit well (we very rarely run under body hosit on our tippers )
    and one at the back we have large main rails as in the 2nd pic
    the 1st pic is what they looked like when they first came in we do truck and trailer smash repairs and these 2 trailers were both in a crash there what we call a B double over not sure in the states most likely the same
    as a result of the crash I have to replace the 1 side sheet and upper and lower aluminum extrusion's and front on both trailers
    and also straighten and re aligned the chassis of both trailers as they are badly bent I took some pics of this part but they didn't work I will take more on Monday if anyone would like to see how we do it

    tools used to remove side and front are a circular saw with aluminum blade to cut along the floor line next to lower extrusion
    trust old Metabo 5 inch grinder with a milling blade (a small circular saw blade that goods on the grinder need your wits about when using this blade one slip and something is missing ) and last of all a oxy to melt the very hard to get bits then dressed with a aluminum grinding wheel
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