I think Sonora Iron is old school. I know that because I'm also old school.

I learned to weld almost forty years ago using a buzz box and 6011. I would see the roll of dimes look welds and I assumed that meant the weldor was weaving his puddle like a machine. It wasn't until a couple of years later while studying welding in a night class at a junior college (VA Money) that I was exposed to mud rods.

The instructor had us gather around and he set up a butt joint using 6013. He struck his arc and just dragged his rod. When he stopped we looked up just in time to see the flux peeling back off the weld exposing the roll of dimes look.

"CHEATING SOB'S!!!!" was all I could say.

Even when using what I call a mud rod or a mig I still work the weld like I did back then with the 6011. It's not unlike the way you do it with tig or gas welding where you get the puddle and it's like herding cats some days and sheep others.

The important thing to remember is the weld is formed when the parent metals get to a liguid state on the surface. The puddle is about the filler material. But what's important is what's happening at the parent metal.

The best weld is a forge weld. There the parent material's surface is brought to a liquid state, a flux is applied, and pressure is applied, typically with hammer blows.

The beautiful weld is created when the weldor controls the heat and speed. It's all about heat and speed. If you doubt it look at an automatic weld.