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    Default Butt welds with different material thickness

    In one piece I build, I make what ends up being a butt weld where 2 x 2 x 11g square tubing meets up with 1/2" x 2" flat bar. With the material being drastically different thicknesses, what recommendations do y'all have as far as settings?
    My setting were as follows:

    Machine: Miller 350P
    process: pulse
    wire: .035
    Gas" 90/10 @ 35cfh
    base setting 300
    arc length 50 ( factory)
    arc control 0 (factory is 25)
    Direction of travel - Push

    I deburred the edge of the tubing but did not bevel. Fla bar was not beveled either. It doesn't make sense to me to bevel too much as the tubing isnt extremely thick. If I bevel the 1/2" there ends up being a gap unless I only slightly bevel to match up with the tubing.

    For reference, the settings for 1/8" is 250 and 1/2" is 650 on the chart.

    By turning the arc control to 0, I was looking to get a flatter bead.

    Finished bead gets minimal finish grinding with a flap wheel followed by wire wheel.

    Desired result is 1) a sound bead. 2) a good looking bead that requires minimal clean up

    Thanks in advance for replies

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