It seems that I am having a issue with pricing out my welding services, people call all the time inquiring about welding work they need done now I charge by the hour and by the job in some cases; my rates for shop & portable welding are very reasonable I would like to know what you think the issue with picking up work may be.

Here is an example and (( just an example only )) had 3 different people call me about doing some portable welding in the last two weeks.
And they mentioned 2 other local welders they were waiting on for estimates, before they decided on whom to go with, now the other two welders and I all know each other.

I know my rates are either very comparative with one of the other guys and much cheaper than the other guy, now we donít discuss our jobs with each other nor about each other to any potential customer, but we do barter and swap materials and consumables back and forth with each other when in a pinch just scratching each others back here and there

Now it seems they pick up most of the jobs and I for the most part just get passed up
By the customer, could it be the customer thinks that if my bid is lets say 400.00 bucks cheaper than other welders in the same field that I am just to inexperienced or quality would not be as good.

Even though I have and provide very good creditable references of creditability and quality work it seems to not carry any weight.

So what is your take on the issue I am having picking up work
Just curiousí

Thanks in advance for your input.