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I have the same type saw from tractor supply with the sheet metal legs and small wheels , but I want to make a better stand and add a cutting fluid pan under it , I get tired of setting near it squirting cutting fluid on it .Also I did have a starett blade made for it , and cuts square after a few hours of adjusting trial and error..needs a better blade tracking adjustment. you have to loosen the bolts a touch then tap with a small hammer to adjust..
Has anyone around here put a cutting fluid pan and pump on theirs yet?
Yep, I did. Here's a pic. I made the pan from 16 gauge because that is what I had. My brake is a little wimpy for that thickness so I ended up bending the lip with a hammer on the anvil. I made the pan too short,it needs to extend beyond the drive wheel to catch all the fluid, I ended up putting a sheet of aluminum to act as a "ramp" to catch the the fluid so it runs back into the pan.