I stumbled across this a few days ago at HF. It was set by the door with
a tag saying open box item ($100.00). I looked at it and thought about it
and looked at it again. Right now new is $185.00 I belive. So I dropped $100.00 and loaded it up. Aside from having all the bolts only hand tight,
the only problems I could see was that the motor mount plate was destroyed.

I spent a short time making a new motor mount plate and adjusting the
motor to get the two pulleys allinged proper. I spent an hour or two adjusting the fence and roller guides along with the blade tracking. Its now cutting
to within 1/32" of square on a 2"x 2"x 1/4" tube. I also snached an idea
from another site and made a 45 degree fence, so that the main fence can stay locked down at 90 degrees.

Today I built a stand/cart for the saw. I choose to leave it on a cart rather then a fixed mount at the end of my
bench. I guess now I have to hunt up some pipe to build stands out of. Thats another day tho. My cart is probally
not the neatest or fanciest but it seems to get the job done.

Material is 2x2x1/4 and 1 1/4 channel. The only reason I went so heavy on the wall is because I had it and it was in the way.

I'm only posting two pics so I don't have a never ending post. The rest of the build pics are at this addy.


My welds arn't perfect but there getting better.