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    Default Bending & Scrollwork...

    Hey guys,
    I posted a couple of the bending & scroll units I made & wanted to show some easy projects to do. These brackets were for a customer who had a fabulous patio with a stone base table with marble top. The top was 1" thick & had a 12" overhand on the radius & the customer needed some bracing to avoid breaking. I made angle braces with 24"L x 3/16"T X 1.5"W and milled a 1"L X 1/4" slot at the bottom for the stone mason to have a bit of manuevering room vertically. The scrolls were 1.5"W X 1/8"T. These would be attached by the mason to drill the holes in the stone & set in the bolt inserts as I don't do stone work or wanted the responsibility of cracking the stone. The top of the brackets would have a thick cushion adhesive used by masons to attach & provide a solid attachment. There are (5) as that was all that was needed for the radius with 2' spacing. I painted them flat black to match the customers' patio furniture.

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