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    Not a good idea to weld an aluminum motorcycle frame unless you have the facility to heat treat the entire frame AND assure alignment. The frame was made of aluminum for weight reasons. The strength to weight ratio is only superior in the treated state, as-welded cuts that ratio by at least 3, more likely 4 or more. So if it were 6061 in the T6 state, the yield strength (stress at which permanent deformation happens) is in the 36,000 PSI range, about the same of A36 structural steel. As-welded, the yield strength is in the 8000 PSI range.

    Contact the manufacturer for proper weld repair.

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    Default bike frame repair (from a rider standpoint )

    It also depends on what you are buying the bike for if you are getting it to use strictly as a stunt bike then by all means get it but if you are looking for a track and road bike then leave it alone. If you are going to stunt the bike you might not ride it faster than 20 m.p.h. I ride and own a gixxer my self, the bike has been abused hard especially if the frame cracked near the neck. So again if you are looking for a bike to ride around the city then DO NOT mess with it but if you are looking for a STUNT bike go for it because you will do alot worse to it like punch holes in the frame.

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