Not to jack the thread, but I'm new to the site and can't send a PM:


I'm looking for some facts on whether TIG welding stock aluminum case covers on my 2000 R6 could actually weaken it ...

For this year, stock aluminum case covers aren't allowed so some guys (including me) whose bikes are too old for Woodcrafts (and can't find NRC covers for their bike) were advised to have their magneto- and impulse generator covers TIG welded (by a reputable b-pressure certified welder) to build them up bar steel to pass tech ... BUT one of the guys on the tech committee is an engineer (not a materials engineer) "speculates" that the cooling after the welding might weaken the covers. He doesn't know for sure, so now there's a chance they won't pass tech. Since a lot of guys with older bikes have already taken this option, it's going to be discussed by the tech committee (which comprises said engineer, a firefighter, and a couple other racers, none of whom are welders). Anyway, I need to do some homework and wanted direction on how to get facts, not conjecture. What's your take?

I'd appreciate any advice because I want to be able to race round 2 and I can't see any other options if the committee decides the work I had done on the covers was for naut!__________________