Hey guys,
Yes, I do agree with SundownIII's assessment. You really need to know if any aluminum is pure/alloy aluminum, or the composition aluminum that is referred as diecast. Most diecast composition alum. alloys contain zinc, copper, lead, tin, antimony, & other garbage metals melted together & poured into castings. Also, most who have experienced it can see the brittleness of its' nature. It is a cheap method that does have uses as most can see & is much more inexpensive to produce.

With all the aluminum repairs I get in, I can determine the composition by examining the grain structure as diecast is quite porous & a slight touch with grinding wheel verifies. I do a lot of aluminum castings & other repairs with TIG or MIG only. The other facet of success with the alum. brazing rods is to clean the joint just as you would do any MIG or TIG weld. Cleanliness is primary concern with any aluminum or even that crappy diecast.