Hey guys. Ive been struggling to get a good weld on tubing and have come here for help. I feel Im pretty proficient with straight welds such as welding box tubing or plate but when it comes to welding tube I end up with sub par results.

I tend to use a zig zag or crecent type pattern but when I do it on a tube or round joint it ends up horrible. Ive come to the conclusion that what works for straight joints isnt neccessarily good for a fishmouth or any type of round filet.

So my question is, What is a good pattern to use? Ive even considered just hitting the joint with a straight bead but when I do it tends to get a bit cattapillar like which Im not ok with either. Im want to be able to lay down a nice flat bead that is structurally sound, Ive got that down for the straight now I need it for tube.