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    Quote Originally Posted by MAC702
    I'd be interested in verifying that. Do you have the percentages swapped? And then, wouldn't that be C-20?
    The numbers could be swapped but it is 25C what the local place here uses for MIG gas. The little bottle is Argon which they sell as TIG gas.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sapper

    Also my gun is not shown because I sold it and got a killer deal on a 15' roughneck gun which is much easier to get parts locally for.
    Hey Sapper i'm thinking about putting a 15' gun on my mm175 and am curious if you are having any feed problems and what wire size your using?
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    No problems at all. I am running .035 wire that is all that I use. I also use the knurled drive rollers as well but I have a spare pair that I have yet to need to use.

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