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Well apparently he has wasted time up til now. As for his "hours" fabing and arcing, I have no doubt of that. It doesn't make him any less of a prick. He is just a hateful prick that is really knowledgeable about welding. Again you seem to think that makes him a god or you a godlet for worshiping the likes of him. I find that all very amusing.

As for the could have had it built, probably but then I have a full time job and we have two major software releases coming out next week and are putting in 60 hours of work per week so its a bit hectic. On top of that I have had to put the finishing touches on my third book soon to be published so life has been a little crazy, limiting shop time. Besides, I like to plan and learn. unlike you and your deity, I don't assume I know it all.

As for the process, probably use stick on the heavy stuff and my victor torch on the rest of it though I haven't quite gotten the trick of a fillet weld on a torch. *shrug* Just need to have free time to practice. I am in no hurry. I do this just to have fun.

You see you and your deity have no power to upset me. Its very liberating not giving a **** what some jerk on the other side of the internet thinks. I have long past any stage of being able to be affected by the likes of you or your deity.

So why don't we get back to talking about welding and stop all of this bickering crap? No? Well it was worth a try. I for my part going forward will simply completely ignore anything posted by either of you. Have a nice life! (EDIT: Vbulletin's ignore feature ROCKS)
Your post just confirmed my belief. You're the arrogant person here who knows nothing about welding or fabrication. You post questions and when experts reply, you want to argue with them because you think you know more then them. Your only expertise is to open mouth and insert foot.

How do you expect to weld up that "heavy duty" using an O/A torch?

Again, nobody on this board really gives a rat's a$$ about your job or how many books you have published. Anyone can publish a book as long as you willing to pay for it. Plenty of people on this board that works 60+ hours.

Why don't YOU get off your high "software engineer" horse and keep your mouth shut. Remember the quote from Mark Twain, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

Sundown III is a licensed PE with masters degrees. What engineering degree do you have?