I am taking an advanced metal course in High School. I needed a project that I could work on over a course of 9 months. My dad needs a trailer that can haul seed pallets and our Bobcat at the same time. It needs to be a low to the ground trailer, gooseneck, and tilt on the back so we can load the Bobcat. This is what kind of bobcat we are hauling: bobcat-s-185-02.jpg It is around 6,500 LBS. I found a trailer that is what I need: tilt-gooseneck-equipment-trailer.jpg . My problem is, I can't find any blueprints or plans that are free or even for sale. I need blueprint or plans for the trailer in order for my instructor to let me build it. I was wondering if anyone out there knew where I could get ahold of plans for a trailer similar to the one I showed above.