I could use some advice from anyone here who has dealt with snowplow mounts in the past. I have a possible job doing modifications to a snowplow mount to fit on an older Jeep Cherokee.

The mount came off a Chevy Blazer, and had been modified to fit the Blazer, the welds and custom mount brackets were not a pretty sight, sorry I don't have any pictures but it was hacked to say the least.

I have not done a job like this before and have a few questions before I sign up for more than I can handle. I climbed under the Jeep and too some measurements, the mount as it sits is close to fitting, but is about 1" skinnier than the frame rails measuring center to center on both.

The frame rails are a formed C channel, I was thinking with the new mount I would bolt through the bottom of the frame rails to tie it together, I'm not sure if this is a fair idea or not, is there a reason to bolt it through the sides of the frame rails?

I would really appreciate any pictures people have of these mounts so I can draw from them and see how this should be done right.

This plow will only be used in the owners driveway, and will not be on the road, but I would still be interested to hear of any legalities that have to be worked around when you make, or modify your own mount.

Any comments are appreciated.