Milwaukee Blades are very good , buy them in different pitches (teeth per inch )Lenox blades were good when I used them years ago , steer clear of the sawzall blades though (junk ) And buy BiMetal blades they last longer . Here are some tips on cutting with a portaband .1 use the correct blade ,TPI the thicker the steel the lower the number of teeth per inch . If you are cutting tubing you want more teeth then the thickness indicates , have found that this makes blades last longer. 2 let the saw do the work , used to work with a fitter who always leaned on the saw , I could cut more inches of steel in a day then he could because he would ruin his blade. we were cutting angle iron ,pipe up to six inch , allthread , copper , and unistrut .3 keep your guide rollers clean . in others words keep it out of the mud ,dirt is hard on them if a roller starts to go bad replace it . it will save you a lot of aggrevation . 4 watch for a saw that includes a case with it or purchase one seperately , you can keep your blades and saw together . 5 learn your saws balance and use it to your benefit . Go to tool stores and handle the saws , and by the one you are most comfortable with , be it milwaukee , porter-cable , dewalt or any of the other brands . because if the balance doesn't feel right to you , you won't be comfortable using it . Just my opinion I like the milwaukee deep cut portaband , it is heavier than the dewalt and others but I like the balance of the milwaukee . the dewalt and others of that design always have felt like the were falling over to me . Dan