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    Cool Bandsaw Blades

    Milwaukee Blades are very good , buy them in different pitches (teeth per inch )Lenox blades were good when I used them years ago , steer clear of the sawzall blades though (junk ) And buy BiMetal blades they last longer . Here are some tips on cutting with a portaband .1 use the correct blade ,TPI the thicker the steel the lower the number of teeth per inch . If you are cutting tubing you want more teeth then the thickness indicates , have found that this makes blades last longer. 2 let the saw do the work , used to work with a fitter who always leaned on the saw , I could cut more inches of steel in a day then he could because he would ruin his blade. we were cutting angle iron ,pipe up to six inch , allthread , copper , and unistrut .3 keep your guide rollers clean . in others words keep it out of the mud ,dirt is hard on them if a roller starts to go bad replace it . it will save you a lot of aggrevation . 4 watch for a saw that includes a case with it or purchase one seperately , you can keep your blades and saw together . 5 learn your saws balance and use it to your benefit . Go to tool stores and handle the saws , and by the one you are most comfortable with , be it milwaukee , porter-cable , dewalt or any of the other brands . because if the balance doesn't feel right to you , you won't be comfortable using it . Just my opinion I like the milwaukee deep cut portaband , it is heavier than the dewalt and others but I like the balance of the milwaukee . the dewalt and others of that design always have felt like the were falling over to me . Dan

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    Milwaukee deep cut. 11 years and still perfect condition. Dan's advice on the case is right on. Not just handy for keeping blades, but will really save on wear and tear from banging around with other tools, especially when transporting.

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    Default vertical portable bandsaw stand, check it out

    A add on. Everyone needs to check this out on ebay. It is a VERTICAL BANDSAW STAND FOR MILWAUKEE SAW. Really neat. Who is going to be the first to build one.

    Here is the link:

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    Default blades

    i sell blades, and band saws 1-888-745-1266 m-f

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    Default Odd.....Very odd

    Quote Originally Posted by Cajun Welder
    A add on. Everyone needs to check this out on ebay. It is a VERTICAL BANDSAW STAND FOR MILWAUKEE SAW. Really neat. Who is going to be the first to build one.

    Here is the link:
    I checked those two out and though both say NEW! NEW! NEW! and are listed for the same price, one has an updated description that says used. Gotta watch those wascally ebayers.

    Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded the blowup and breakdown.

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