Vin-Man, if I am understanding your post, from what the electrician told me you are correct. I am running single phase so no red but he said as long as one of the lines were not going to red (L3 on the machine) or using red as neutral it should have worked. It didn't matter which line was going to L1 or L2, no polarity on 220. I like to know which is which though, if I have a problem with black on one end, I know it is black all the way through. Easier to diagnose.

I like your plug set up. I think I need to make a run to the electrical store to buy some plugs. I would like to make a plug for 115 also just in case the need arises but I don't see any wiring configuration for 115 in the manual. I see research in my future. Thanks again guys for all your advise.