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Thread: IceBoat

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    Default Ice boat

    Here is a pic of my last sailer built about 7 yrs ago. Size is about that of a DN class, uses a DN sail. Fred
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessehornberger View Post
    check out this link and you will see just That! i will have a boat like this someday
    Cool and you can't beat the fuel mileage either!!!
    Blondie (Owner C & S Automotive)

    Colt the original point & click interface!

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    This all brings back memories, a friend took me out ice boating when I was in high school, did not have the space or mean to haul one around so it died there for me. I am thinking I should look at making one again. I know I have photo copies of the plans for a wood DN around here somewhere. A metal tube framed one would be cool like metalbenders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie_486 View Post
    Sails unfortunately for me would be a one way trip.... I think I'd have to build my ice boat with an engine
    That's sort of my problem, also- 99.9% of the ice around here is in the refrigerator.

    Here's a 16' Alum. boat I built a few years ago.
    The Merc. 150 is OK, but I'm still trying to figure out how to put a sail on it.

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