Thought a few of you might dig this project. My son wacked a deer on his last trip home. Did like $6500 damage to his 06 Equinox. We are of the impression, had he had more light, he could have seen them sooner. and sometimes in Montana, late at night, you might drive for 2-3 hours without even seeing another car. SOOOooooo, he sourced up some decent 7" HID's and we made a brush guard for the Equinox to hold the lights. It's at paint now, we should be getting it back tomorrow. Something you don't see is an Equinox with some pimped out light bar.

Not designed as a bumper, just a way to hold the lights and a hoop over them so they don't get broken off accidentally in a parking lot. Mostly made out of 1.25 schedule 40.

I'm just a weekend warrior, don't do it for a living.

Here's the pics.