Recently i got the MM211 that came with the "cart/running gear". Unfortunately this is the cheaper, basic-level cart rather than the better larger one. Has anyone modified one of these to give it a handle to pull it around, or any other mod that would let it be useful? I currently use an old Sears red steel cart that i got about 20 years ago. it holds my Lincoln Weld-pak 100 in the top tray, and my bottle bungie corded in the bottom shelf, along with my old stick welder and helmet, gloves, clamps, vicegrips, extra rods, supplies, etc... At least my old one i can pull around by the cart.

The cheapo Miller that i want to modify is this one:

I was just looking if anyone had any ideas for a handle, etc... (The machine is not bolted to the cart, so you can't pull it around by the handle on the machine)