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This is a budget build as the title states. I am using the scrap I have laying around. I have spent so far $0.00 to this point. I machined the mouting plate for the light bar (no pics). I cut the uprights out of 4x2 rect. 10gauge. I also cut the mounting plates for the bed. I had all this steel laying around. I already have the expanded metal (cage) to protect the glass laying around. I need to get a few feet of more 4x2 and some 3" flat. Here are some pics of what I have done so far.

I was able to find the angle of the cab with this great tool. Digital anlgle finder.

Then I cut calculated how high I want this thing to be and cut the uprights to the proper angle. Remember you are cutting from 90 degress. I wanted the uprights to be at 72 degrees so I made the cut at 18 degrees.

Here is the upright.

These are the 12x5x 1/4" base plate. Notice the holes in this stuff, again more scrap. These plates cover up the front stake pockets. So I will machine a hole in them so I do not loose the functionality of the stake pockets.

I really appreciated your explanation of the process of finding the cut angle for the uprights.Can you tell me what the cut angle for the top of the uprights were? Thanks Mike