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Nice project Jonh and it's a good size for portable and small job. A use to be a sandblaster my self for 5 ears, 7 ears ago whit industriel big stuff!! Your kit is very cool , and y see that your a welder debutant seeing your welds
Indeed i am. if i was younger, i would have been embarrassed to post the photos of my crap welds, but at this point in life, what the h e l l. if somebody could get an idea from the photos, great. I haven't touched a welding machine in over 10 years. i just retired from a hectic public sector job that kept me busy for years. i am finally getting around to doing the things i used to like to do in my free time. i picked up a 1988 jeep wrangler that needs a bit of welding, so i will get a bit better hopefully when the weather improves here in NY