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    Default Welding table idea - feedback?

    Attached is a Google Sketchup drawing of a welding table idea (not built yet). I'd like to get opinions. The idea is to make the table small for my limited space, but also have it expandable when needed. The drawing shows the bottom view with 2" x 1/8" square tubes with nuts welded so bolts can clamp the cross bars. I'm not yet sure what tubing sizes telescope well, so the tubing might have to change (seeking advice in this too)

    The cool thing is that when slid shut, it's a solid (hopefully flat) top, but then gaps can be opened for mid-table clamping. I figure the top is 3 pieces of 12" x 30" x 3/8"(maybe be even 1/4" since it's pretty well supported with 2" angle around the edge.). When shut, the table is 30" x 36", but it can be opened to 5 feet, and even wider with longer bars.

    The pluses I see with this are adjustability, mid-table clamping, and that its made of smaller pieces that I can handle without risking my back. The down sides are that I have to make lots of pieces for this and get the telescoping to work, and the risk that the results won't end up as flat as I'd like. I'm also on the fence about tacking or bolting the top on. With 12" x 30" top sections, I can fit them on my mill and put in some tapered holes.

    Whadyall think?
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