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Thread: Another project

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    Default Another project

    Now that I got a few weeks of work out of the way, I have some time for another project.

    11ga P&O sheet

    These are the sides I cut today out of two 4x10 sheets, the photos don't show it too well but there are some pretty good curves. My aim is to at least give it some illusion of having a partial twist, I am very limited on clamps of any size, so I am having to resort to 2x4's and threaded rod. While it will not have an actual twist, it will have some good compound curves.

    I will add another 4-5 ft section to the top to add to the twisting illusion ( I hope )

    I am building this one as a prototype, I want to make the next one bigger, and some how get a full 360 in there somewhere.
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