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    Smile What About The Ultimate Welding Table

    Hi guys

    I am planning to built my own welding table: ( 4x6 on wheel and jack ) , and i am looking for the best and most practical ideas about that , with all the experience out there in this forum , i am sure to read and see pictures of your own welding table and why you did it that way .



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    Keep in mind if you have the top sheared then it will be crowned. My top is 1/2" thick 3'x4' it is crowned about 3/8". Not a problem for just welding small stuff or beating on it.
    But it sucks trying to jig off of it. I am working to score a machine base that is 1 1/2" thick and is blanchert ground flat size is about 4'x4'. larger would be nice, but can't complain- it should be free for the hauling.
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    The way to not get distortion on a shear is to cut the piece from the front of the machine since it pushes the cut off the back. I had a guy at the steel yard not know that, and his co-worker piped up before I could say it. Seems as though he must've been new.

    The caveat to this, is that they're not going to cut a little chunk off a full sheet just so you can get a flat table. What you want to do is find a piece that isn't a drop from another cut and use that.
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    to get a few good ideas on a table go visit the hobart sight and go to welding projects Iron-Iceberg has built an awsome table well thought out i wish i had built one like that before steel went out of sight

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