2 Things:

1) I am NOT Reggie..... and accusing me of being "Reggie with a spellcheck" is only gonna tick HIM off if he reads it.

2) There is nothing wrong with mathmatics. I use calculations for layouts all the time. There is a time, and a place. On a project such as this, my mind pictures what equipment I need, or can cobble up to do the bending, and NOT to grabbing a calculator to lay out on paper to the thousandths of an inch.

The calculations, and the ABILITY to easily do the calculations for the arc are great, but they are not going to be able to quatitatively allow you to compensate for spring back etc, you have to know how to think on the fly, and use your hands, so to speak.

Gary never mentioned if this is NEW 2-3/8 tubing (which I doubt) or if it is the used, contaminated, magnetic, CRAP that I have had to fight with that is almost plugged solid with Parrafins and other forms of wax.

If it is of the used variety, then no amount of calculations are going to help out (other than to give you some good measurements) as the tubing will vary from one foot to another depending on how washed out, or plugged up it is on the inside.

In these circumstances, I stand behind my original statement of light bending the tubing in graduated increments, then going back over it and bending it deeper to tighten up the radius.

Yes, it does take most of your math out of the project, but it seems to be the most reasonable way to deal with materials that may not have anything close to a uniform consistency of the New materials that you have had access to in the past.

Now, Mr fdcmiami...

I would ask you to carefully read this post and treat is as a stand alone statement. I believe that I have explained myself in adequate detail, and have sufficiently explained why I do not believe that your mathmatics based response is the "best" approach to this project as there are to many variables that you cannot calculate for.

At the very least, I would offer that we agree to disagree, and this be the end of it between us on this topic.

I bid you a Good Evening.