of course two inch pipe, is two inch pipe regardless of the sch. it is the wall thickness that counts here. the 2 3/8 in od is irrelevant. i suggested a sch. 10 because it would be more easily formed. the excerpt printed above was probably written by an engineer. you have solved nothing for the poster that requested the feedback, you are suggesting rebuilding a HF machine (an oxymoron), and then he will still have to run a bunch of test pieces through to ascertain his springback; i am suggesting bolting the wood to the floor, cut the radius to a smaller size; you will have to do some handworking but you won't have to buy and rebuild a machine and you will not have to roll a bundle of pipe to get what you need. again, this is a large enough radius to cold work the pipe.

statistical analysis?
batch run to ascertain material properties?

if everyone that wanted to bend some metal went to all that trouble nothing would get done.

as long as it is not sch 80 pipe he should not have too much trouble

this pipe is being formed to build a corral if i'm not mistaken.