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    Guess I'm just old school. I think He has a Great Start with that car just needs some fine tuning. It's very respectable! Darrell

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    Thanks everyone.

    The goal was just to hit tens on the cheapest heads and cam package I could at the time. And with that done, I recently sold that package off my car and have decided to move on to a decent setup.. It's a custom single plane efi setup with cnc first, then hand ported LS6 heads. Unfortunately they cost about 4 times as much as my previous ones, but we are looking for 500+ rwhp on a 346 ci, with about 11.2/3-1 compression. It's being setup with titanium intake valves, sodium filled stainless exhausts ands a rather large cam.

    Once we get it together we will tweak the suspension to suit, but I wasnt going to go crazy with the old setup.

    Thanks again,
    Voigt Precision Welding, Inc.

    Miller Dynasty 200 DX, Miller Syncrowave 250, MillerMatic 252, Hypertherm Powermax 45, Auto Arc Trailpower 8000,272+187 lb Peter Wright anvil, 120 lb Fisher-norris, and more! Buffalo drill press, Grizzly Horiz. Bandsaw, Edwards shear, Barth Shear, bantam mechanical ironworker, Hopkins fly press, Doall Bandsaw, brown and sharpe surface grinder.

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