Has anyone ever replaced the factory installed power cord on a Dynasty 200 DX (non-Blue Lightning) with a Miller Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) power cord that comes on the Passport and other Miller machines? This would allow me to swap between 230 and 115 volts by just changing the MVP plug.

Yes the Dynasty cable has four wires vs. the other machines having three wires but I don't have three phase in my garage so I'm not using the fourth wire per Miller's procedures.

Looking at the gage of wires I would assume the Millermatic DVI-2 would be closest choice with them both being 12GA and almost the same length but I wanted to run it by this board. Another question is the power cable user replaceable?

Dynasty 200 DX - Part# 196727 - CABLE, POWER 10 FT 12GA 4C BLK/RED/WHT/GRNYEL

Miller Passport - Part# 220916 - CABLE, power 10 ft 14ga 3c soow w/spl plug

Millermatic 211 - Part# 239588 - CABLE, power 7ft 12GA 4C

Millermatic DVI-2 - Part# 219257 - CABLE, POWER 12 FT 5 IN 12GA 4C SOOW W/SPL PLUG