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    I've got a purdy' long list.......but I'll keep it short.
    I was finishing up the siding on one of the peaks of the house. I got to the top (15ft. or so) to nail another pc. when the catch on the extension ladder slipped and the ladder de-extended. I slid to the ground in slow motion one rung at a time. I must say that's a little hard on knees & ankles.

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    I was asked to fix a leak in a sprinkler system at a Home Depot during construction. I said sure. I messed up a knee earlier in the week and had to wear one of those blue knee braces. I got to the job and they said the man lift could'nt get to the leak. I had to climb out of the lift on to a pallet rack of patio stones and reach up and weld it. The manager just kind of look at me and walked the other way. I was cursing the knee when I had to jump from the lift to the pallet of stones. I will say they made me wear fall protection while in the lift. I guess I didn't need it when I got out.

    This happened on another job. I had to wear fall protecction in a lift but not on a 40ft ladded. What's easier to fall off?
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    poped the hood of the car to look for a vacume leak. Instead of the prop rod I just pushed the hood all the way up and past 90 degs so I could get to the back of the motor. gust of wind blows down the street, and throws the hood over the top and onto the back of my head. 5 staples and a lot of blood later, I ALWAYS use the prop rod
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    Default dumb acts of welding trade

    I was working on a platform made of 10 " I beams had to grind at the coping area of the beam{ where it fits into other beam** grinder disc got caught in the opening threw 7 " grinder out of my hands and into my crotch I saw RED thru cut in pants took off to foremans office he looked at me and laughed I pulled my pants down putting pressure on my thigh expecting the bleeding to get worse thats when I saw the bottom of my shirt had a red tag on in Just a scratch Thank GOD

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    2 of many.
    Made a drill press into a lathe of sorts in order to cut elec motor armature com rings flat and clean. It worked great for about 4 armatures and then things went very wrong. A com ring tooth came loose and took my thumb nail and a good chunk of the nail bed off in one motion. That sucker took about 6 months to heal all the way.

    Putting a floor in I was using a long strip of metal as a straight edge. The strip had a little nick in is and the nick made the blade pop up and over the edge and right through the bed of my thumb. (other thumb this time) The cut was almost through the entire pad of the thumb and cut all the nerves. blood came out like a stuck pig and freaked out the homeowner. covered it up with paper towels and black tape and finished the floor.
    Fast foward about 10 years. I still can't feel in the front of my thumb. Finished cutting some steel angle iron with a torch, took my gloves off and leaned over to check someting on the underside of the cut off angle iron. I put my dumb numb thumb right on a glob of fresh slag. Did not feel a thing but I started smelling hamburgers cooking. Cooked a 1/4 inch round and deep hole that took forever to heal.
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    Default Hahahahahaha!!!!

    This one time... At band camp....

    Might I suggest refraining from cutting live 220 volt wires directly in front of your face...Of course I didnt know it was live, but im pretty sure I saw God in that flash of light....
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    You know how us men love to carry those Gerber Multi Tools on our belt, ya just never know when you might need a saw edge knife on a holiday. Visiting my daughter who had a rubber tree on her front porch. She wanted it trimmed down so the next year it would sprout new growth. I reached back and said I'll take care of it hon, ALWAYS keep the hand holding the tree LOWER than where you are cutting. I took the tip of my finger 75% of the way off severing the nerve. Nice clean cut though (finger and tree) Funny thing is, took a few seconds before the blood started gushing but she rushed me in to the nearest Dr while my wife called ahead. Dr wanted to send me to the hospital for micro surgery, I said just sew it back together, my daughter just shook her head and looked the other way.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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    Default Bandsaw Injury

    I've done several stupid things in my shop, but the one that was really painful and sent me to the ER was when I decided to adjust my bandsaw rollers while it was running in the upright position, WHILE I was wearing a pair of gloves. I soon realized my right index finger tip was missing, inside the glove that got pinched between the band and the metal wheel that's attached to. The motor didn't even flinch. After surgery and a 2 weeks off work, it's something I won't do again. The glove still hangs nearby as a reminder....

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    I have a 3 wheel 2 x 48" belt sander on a pedistal base. It has no side guard.
    I had to move it one day and because of the long cord and the crap in my way to the outlet, I just wrapped both arms around it to slide it a ways. Bad idea. My chest hit the power switch while my right forearm was against the side of the belt. Well, 3 hours, 13 stitches, and $700 later I was back home.
    It would have taken me only 30 seconds to unplug it, but NO,.........I don't have the time. Dumb move
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    Monte, serves you right for being a bodybuiler and having a big chest!!!
    That's why I don't lift weights!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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