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    Quote Originally Posted by STRENGTH AND POWER View Post
    I have suspended twice, once with 12 8ga. hooks face down on an aluminum framed rig in the shape of a cross powdercoated red, it was quite the photo op. My first time was on my birthday, I don't think there is too many people that have had Happy Birthday sung to them while they are hanging from 4 6ga. hook across the shoulders. It quite the experience because yer body and mind are at conflict with each other it seems. I haven't hung in several years as I moved to a different state but there will be another time for sure
    whats the point?

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    Default wher have you been man!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-GMAW View Post
    boner??? stiffy, hard on, flagpole, lighthouse, etc.....
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SignWave View Post
    boner??? stiffy, hard on, flagpole, lighthouse, etc.....
    Sorry, I was half asleep when I read your post.

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    I just thought I would put up some updated photo's of my nieces bit off finger tip. It's healed up quite nicely and not too noticeable at a quick glance
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    WOW! Healing up real nice!! Lucky for her!!!
    I'm not late...
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    Quote Originally Posted by doobie View Post
    Made a potato cannon out of a 100lb propane tank with a 2"x8 foot 175psi it would launch said potato over 1000 yards.well after a few barley pops,me an my bro decide it would make some cool bubbles if fired into the water,so we charge it up and off to the dock we go.we laid it over the end of the dock,straight down and sat on it because it had quite of kick.Well,8 foot barrel and only 5 feet of water and 3 feet of very soft mud.The last thing i saw before i closed my eyes is what looked like a brown mushroom cloud bigger than any bubble i have ever seen.When i opened my eyes there was a 25 foot brown circle of mud with me an bro in the middle.his brand new boat was also tied up to the dock and had an inch of mud all over it not to mention the two of us that only had two white eyes.The wives and friends on shore were laughing so hard that one of them actually peed and the others couldnt even stand up.Wow those were the days.

    I could not stop laughing. Do it again acecpt get it on video
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