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C'mon TacMig, Fess up for us. Maybe your story will stop one of us donkeys from having something bad happen or the like.

You do realize I hope, that your unwillingness to divulge is causing the level of curiostiy to rise exponentially with the amount of time that passes since you posted your thought concerning your past experiences and not so savory shinanigans.

My most memorable moment was as a 24 y/o punk doing constrcution electrical work. Im on the 7th flor of a 10 story lowrise and the steel stud guys are laying track with their hilties and ramsets. Some of the 25caliber (or is it .22) rounds dont go off so they are simply tossed to the floor and a new strip is loaded with ten new shots. Well I USED to like taking these unspent , discarded rounds and smaking them with my hammer. GO BaNG!!! The very last time I did this my aim was off by a quarter inch and the shell burst at the cartridge butt. The azz end became a projectile and flew down the length of my hammer and then firmly buried itself in the 3rd knuckle of my index finger. It didnt bleed, looked very gross and I couldnt bend my finger... I went to see f I could get first aid to look after it. I told them i jabbed myself with a screwdriver.... yeah..he said there was nothing he could do.. I had to go to the hospital. I went to a walk in clinic, told the doctor that I think there may be someting in there but not sure... she said I cant help you you need to get an xray. Im starting to wiggle now.. So i go home, and get outhe metal detector... I pass it over my finger and it beeps at me... Sigh... I think theres something in my finger for sure now...I went to the hospital and they took ou thte azz end of the shell. It was a painfull experience even with the local. My finger is still scared to this day and looks like its got a wart on it.. The women LOVE it and the way it looks...! Its quite numb too. That was my last experience with making things go boom... Have a look at the photo. ive still got my stupity reminder... cheers all and try to stay safe.
That is indeed a dandy. It's difficult and in some cases, nearly impossible to beat the humor of a serious injury such as yours and in this case you come pretty close to nicking the paint. As far as stupidity however, it only ranks about a 5. The humor however, at a 7 has you in close running. I will divulge and say that I have about 17 scars from the incident that I will photograph and share to show how serious it was as the scars are still almost as they were 14 years ago. But the acquisition of said scars is what lies a stake herein. The stupidity factor has earned me a local reputation as the "XXXXXscale) ie. once I partake in the confession festivities herein, thereafter this board my refer and/or use stupidity ranking with the "TacMig scale". So again I will monitor this thread with vigor in hopes of an equally stupid comrade.

Till then,