I understand you must be pretty good already at tig aluminum.
I have done nothing but tig aluminum for 11 seasons straight. I would call myself what ever name you choose and include aluminum welding in my name...ie...Joe's aluminum welding. Then if you get a biz phone when you get simply listed in the yellow pages you will get the majority of the first calls. I did it and didn't realize it would work out that way. I used to get fancy ads but with this biz I stumbled into this great knowledge...everyday it seems I get a new customer just from the phone book.

I have a Bobcat welder but I now have a Dynasty 200dx and if I was to choose only one it would be the Dynasty. Times are a changing. By sticking to tig aluminum I get a bunch of work from other welding shops/mfgs that I would otherwise compete with plus I get warranty field work from aluminum mfgs. If you spend your hard earned money on a engine drive make sure it will run a newer inverter if you wish to weld aluminum mobile. The inverter will go indoors and weld in places you would have to string leads otherwise.

Everybody knows me because I drive a junk truck hauling TOP-NOTCH welding equipment and I get all the good jobs from the guys who drive newer trucks hauling old junk wore out underpowered welders.

I also stay at the top of my game by sticking to aluminum. HTH