I got a job tig welding aluminum 6 months ago. i had a 1 week oxy acetylene course in my plumbing entry level 6 month course and i applied at a skylight manufacturer for a tig welder i said i'd never done it, they gave me a week and i learned how. they said 6 other guys tried before me and failed but on to the topic.

I only have 6 months of experience and i weld in different positions, mostly corners and flat surfaces. I've pretty much mastered this..

I'm getting really good at the whole tig welding thing. I can make pretty welds if i take my time, or ones with V shaped beads if i go really fast. I weld on a miller syncrowave 250 DX. I want to buy one now and weld somethign myself that i can sell or put the welder i buy on a truck and do mobile aluminum repairs or whatever.

before i invest $2500 in a welder..

What chances would i have of surviving in doing aluminum welding repair for other people? and possibly steel since i hear its easier than aluminum.

i asked my boss about it and he said maybe boat trailers. i don't have any idea how to start and get into that, any help there i would love.

I could try to spend a few months putting together a 5' x 10' Steel utility trailer or something of the kind. sell it for $1200 and do it again hopefully quicker the next time. and i would have to learn and perfect my steel welding.

any help?