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    Default Arcstation table?

    Haven't seen much first hand feedback on Miller's Arcstation table. I know, I know. It's a sacrilege to talk about buying a welding table and not build it yourself, but I don't find the scrap or free metal deals that everyone else seems to. Pricing out new materials is not that cheap, and that's for plate that's not even guaranteed to be flat. What to people think?

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    Well ,I looked at it in Orlando Fl. at the PRI industry trade show!

    My opinion is its a nice setup! that you can add on to in the future.
    very well built ,alot of good features.

    If I had had a way to get one home from the show !
    on the plane it would have came home with me .
    They had great show prices.

    Its worth the money.
    right now I have no room for it in my shop

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    lens 42
    For one the table is way over price for what it is... I looked at one at Linweld and the top is withe X pattern is 3/8 and the smooth top is 3/16. I know but I have to take time to build one isn’t that half the fun of being a welder.
    Mine I bought a old grill from a restaurant going out of business for 20 dollars striped it for the grill that is 1 inch thick, bought astick of 3 x 3 x 3/16 tube at $120 and some wheels with brakes for $60. Scraped the rest of the grill and got 35 dollars for the scrap.
    I think I have a lot better table than what that are trying to sell welders that can build their own.
    At least I can hit something on mine with a hammer or clamp something down to it and it stays in place. Just a thought.
    Don't be afraid to build your own tools. That is the most satisfying thing about being a welder. And when people come to your shop and they can see your work that you can do. Anything helps.
    Rick C.
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    Thumbs up Great Job !!

    Rick, Hi;

    You did a Great Job on the table, Nice work !!

    ............ Norm :

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    Thanks it is one of my most used tools in the shop.

    Rick C.

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    Yes. Nice work. You've convinced me to hit the scrap yards for a month or so before I give up and spend big money. I also agree that it would be better to have something that I can beat on (a bit thicker).

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