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    i went to drop off some scrap 2x3 tubing to a friend that asked me for it one day and saw him making a set of ramps 6.5 feet long and 2feet wide and was looking at the steel he used and told him that it would not hold even the smallest of cars it was not heavy enough
    he looked at me and said he knew
    i was like ummmm??? ok so why are you maken it with that
    he just said watch and you will see
    well ok
    after he welded everything he then went and got some 2x4 (wood)
    and cut to fit inside the 2x3 tubing we had to hammer it in (you want it to fit very snug and in doing that made the ramps very very very strong
    he tested it with his forklift and i just knew it would never hold up
    it went up um down um with no problem
    and the ranps were not that heavy to pick up
    just a thought
    this might be something looking into

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    you stated the trailer is dove tailed, correct? If so, the dove tail it self should not be constant load bearing. In this case, modify the dove part to function on a pivot joint, released and secured by lateral pins. Pull pins allowing dove tail to pivot to ground, load trailer,use a lever bar to pivot dove tail up and pins lock in.
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