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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy_pop View Post
    i have an expensive 4x8 11 ga. welding table frame sitting in the corner holding a cold saw because i put too much heat in it when welding and it warped. sucks but i learned a le$$on. getting by on a junker table until i find a good deal on a Acorn or Weldsale table.
    Gary use to have a couple Acorn tables for sale. I don’t see them now but that doesn’t mean he sold them. Give him a call; see if he still has them. Shipping alone will set you right back on your heels!
    Hope you have a forklift.
    These are "my" views based only on “my” experiences in “my” little bitty world.

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    I'd love to have some of the tables shown. I'd also like to have a way to move them and a (larger) place to use them.

    One thing is for sure, a person can't come close to building a new one for what those can be bought for.

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    ive been watching craigslist and equipment auctions for a 4x8 or even 5x10. seems clean ones can be bought for $2500.

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