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    Quote Originally Posted by m.k.swelding View Post
    I had never seen the burners on the bottom. what kind of burners do you use.

    I’m using cast iron burners; they put out a larger burn surface and BTU rating than ones on camp stoves. Lot of my skillets are 12 & 14 inches.
    I can still make my frame 36” x 18” x 4”, use 24 GA under and around sides of the burners. And keep the range height about 34 inches.
    What I’m trying to do is cut down on the weight; My Dutch Oven Table weighs 37 Lb’s.
    A two burner, valve Assembly with controls and a regulator’s all you need.
    For ideas take a look at the Coleman stove parts list. At first I thought about ripen one apart.

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    HEy check out this site, dont know if you been here yet but im sure you will like it. plus you can show off that nice table you build yourself
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    One of my first welding projects was a dutch oven table. I made it by welding up some angle iron and a piece of cold rolled steel for the flat surface. Legs were black iron pipe attached to the table by threading them into pipe caps that were welded to the bottom of the table. (I don't actually recall if the pipe caps were welded or brazed.)

    I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and the best thing was that it didn't cost me much more to build than it would have to have bought a slightly nicer table from Camp Chef.

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