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    Default Dutch Oven Table

    I got tired of bending down all the time so I made me a Dutch oven Table.

    The Tables a 1/8” sheet, 18” x36”, Used a jig saw for all my cuts.
    I used picnic table legs from an old table, weld them to the bottom. You’ll see I offset one side 1” so the legs lay flat and cut 1” off the ends.
    (Using the Coleman stove concept), for the wind screen I used 24 GA with piano hinge and riveted it to the trim, I stuck a magnet to the top of the wind screen so then you close it up it sticks to the table surface (JB Weld)
    I’m adding 2 removable side trays to the out side. I’ll add a handle to the front, this will also hold charcoal tongs.

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